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Go beyond yourself - Jerzy Grotowski

My approach is client-centred; I adapt my coaching style to suit you, and follow my intuition about which strategies to use. My style has been described by clients as 'creative, powerful and insightful', with "a light touch and sense of humour". I will help you to achieve the outcomes you want, and challenge you to achieve more, by creating the space for you to deal with your current challenges, whilst deepening your understanding of your overall purpose, vision and way of being. As a Master Practitioner in NLP, I can help you overcome personal barriers which might be hindering you from reaching your full potential.


I have always been interested in individual growth, and fascinated by the distinction between appearance and reality. I was drawn to Jerzy Grotowski's Laboratorium Theatre, in Poland, which, in Peter Brook's words, gave the actor, 'the shock of catching sight of his own evasions, tricks and cliches', 'the shock of sensing something of his own vast and untapped resources', and 'the shock of being forced to question why he is an actor at all'.

Grotowski believed in the 'poor theatre'; a theatre which dispensed with all external effects and mannerisms, engaging the actor in a quest to discover what is hidden behind the everyday mask, encouraging him/her to access 'the deep riches which lie in the very nature of the art-form', and inviting the audience to look inwards, and do the same. The focus of the actor was not on collecting skills, but on eradicating blocks, and on his/her own ripening. Grotowski said he approached his profession, "rather like the mediaeval woodcarver who sought to recreate in his block of wood a form which already existed."

Similarly, perhaps, education for me was always about putting the student at the centre of the process, and drawing from the student - the true meaning of education or educare.

Coaching, for me, is about enabling people to have a better understanding of who they are, and what is important for them, to overcome blocks, and evolve in a way that will bring them fulfilment and happiness.

Paradoxically, the more we know about ourselves, the more we understand others, and vice versa.

About Krystyna

After studying English Literature, I went to Poland, where I spent the first four years of my career life working with a theatre company in Krakow.

I have an MA in Management and Education, and was a Senior Manager (Head of Faculty) for 10 years, in a leading London Adult Education College.

I qualified as an Executive and Life NLP Coach in 2002, and enjoy working one-to-one, face-to-face or over the phone, with individuals, company directors and staff from a broad range of backgrounds, including the Arts, finance, banking, fashion, education, health, pharmaceutical, law, retail, and architecture.

My clients benefit from the changes they are able to make, as a result of the in-depth nature of the one-to-one process. I have always lived and worked in a cross-cultural environment, and I find the diversity of people I work with enlivening.

Companies, whose staff I have coached include Granada, Samsonite, Bovis Lend Lease, Rolls Royce, GSK, BT, Toshiba, Nautical Petroleum, Standard Chartered, Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley. I have also coached people in the Ministry of Justice and in many other Government and non profit organisations. In addition to my personal and professional coaching, I administer and give feedback on the SHL ability and psychometric personality tests.

I believe passionately in life-long learning and growth, and, in 2006, I completed the ITS Coaching Mastery diploma, which was taught by some of the world's leading coaches. I am currently taking Art Giser's courses in energetic NLP.

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ring me on 020 8992 6600 or 07806 920027.

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