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Life Coaching

I have worked with Krystyna for 6 months and I am truly delighted with my personal growth. We covered the parts of my life that I would not have embarked upon with anyone else in my family or circle of friends. The trust built gave me such a feeling of strength that I might face any situation and move forward to a place where fulfilment was available to me. The truth is in the experience and the experience was tremendous.

Annie Slowgrove, Performance Development Coach

Arranging to see Krystyna has been one of the best things that I have ever done. Krystyna is so gentle and calm that it is often not until after a session that I have realised just how powerful and effective that one hour with her has been! Her skills, compassion and kindness have lead me each time to somehow magically renew my thinking process and my actions seem to be more purposeful and better judged as a result. I also have appreciated the fact that Krystyna has been able to be 'tough' with me when I was perhaps resisting helping myself - she has been able to make me aware of my resistance without confrontation or overt direction. I applaud Krystyna and thank her for the time that she has shared with me.

JS, Staff Nurse

I originally met with Krystyna to try and tackle a very specific issue that was stopping me from reaching my potential and enjoying life. It was also hurting others, and I wanted to deal with it. The time with Krystyna has not only helped me deal with the original issue, but has been instrumental in helping me to be confident in reaching for the highest aspirations I can dream of, in my life. I cannot recommend Krystyna highly enough.

Steve Milton, Senior Manage, global IT company

Krystyna has an incredible lightness of touch and ability to ask the right question to get to the heart of any issue. In just 30 minutes she enables me to clarify my thinking and move on from a stuck place. I cannot recommend her highly enough as an experienced and insightful coach.

Kate Burton, Trainer, Author and Business Coach

Business Coaching

Working together and allowing me to question the beliefs, motives and activities that are my daily challenge has improved my work and personal life. The way you have allowed me to go at my pace, yet helped me to come up with solutions - without any prior notice! This shows depth of understanding and knowledge of the subject of personal development. You have been a monthly encouragement that I now have inherited, with greater vigour and turnover (up 200%). Personally, I will cherish the moments of realisation that my world is not a treadmill but a "lovely marathon anywhere in the world", ie life's journey.

T.N.H.C, Director FS

Krystyna has added a huge amount of value to me as my coach. She has helped me improve my work/life balance significantly, and together we have identified new habits that will make that improvement a lasting one. Krystyna also helped me overcome several issues and limiting beliefs that were holding me back. I am now filled with an increased sense of optimism, energy and enthusiasm for achieving my goals. Krystyna successfully combines her NLP knowledge with her coaching skills to enable her clients to get the results they desire. She is easy to trust and provides a very safe and supportive environment for anyone working with her. I have no hesitation in recommending her to others - and would definitely engage her again as my coach in the future.

Christine Clacey, Founder, Transforming Dreams Ltd

I found your coaching very useful while I was doing my rebranding. Your NLP coaching helped me to get clear on exactly the markets I was wanting to approach. The deep processes enabled me to find my inspiration so I could find the right imagery for my logo. Many thanks for this and the work we have done on my private life. I will recommend you to anyone going through a branding process.

Anne Sexton, Consultant

I worked with Krystyna Leyland for about a year, during which almost all aspects of my life changed. I quickly realised that I was at a crossroads, and had a number of different options. The underlying emotional stumbling blocks were made tangible and were worked on effortlessly. Most importantly, they lost much of their power in the process. As a lot of my themes were at once personal and professional, it was important that my coach could address personal as well as professional or business issues. Krystyna was totally at ease with this complexity, and every part of my life was enriched as a result of the work with her.

Stephan Langguth, Film Producer

After just a few sessions I knew I had found a way of dealing with the stresses and strains of running a business and moving forward with personal drive and effectiveness. Krystyna supported me in exploring my needs and aligning those needs with that of my business. This was to be the key to success for me, and the experience has made me realise that you don't have to do these things alone. My health improved, my relationships balanced, I feel relaxed and fit and all this transferred into the business; a great result.

Annie Slowgrove, Managing Director

Career Coaching

You helped me find a career direction that was right for me, and helped me avoid rash decisions. The work I've done with you has filtered into every aspect of my work and life. I understand what I need and want from my work and life, I am more content and happier, and life is more meaningful.

Senior Manager, Civil Service

Thank you so much for the guidance, support and unmatched encouragement through my recent career change (and from Finance to HR - no easy feat!). Your energy, belief and confidence in me really spurred me on to tackle every situation that came my way and I'm still using the tools today, months after I have settled in. I would strongly recommend anyone making / who has made a recent career change to work with you.

R.G. London

In the time we have worked together you have helped me focus on two key areas of my life, and to make wonderful progress in each area. The first has been the transition from a state of physical exhaustion to a state of glowing health and ongoing self-care. The second has been the huge shift from dissatisfaction with my work situation to a position now where I am starting to put together all the beliefs, experiences and skills I want to use now and in the future to create the perfect work for me. In achieving the above you haven't tried to give me answers, but have always been with me throughout my decision making process - always supporting, assisting and guiding me to find the answers and courses of action that were right for me. For that, and for the caring way you have always behaved, thank you!

Peter Bernard, Recruitment Consultant

Working with Krystyna has allowed me to know myself at a much deeper level, it is surprising what you find out about yourself.

I've learnt how to slow down and be really focused on what I want to achieve in my life, and this brings far more meaningful results - without the stress and fatigue. Also, I am a much more positive person - I am able to control what I think far better, and to react positively to challenging situations. Learning that my creativity seems to come in cycles allowed me to understand that it's OK to step away from what� I was� doing and concentrate on other things for a while - so you can renew your creative spark

Camille Wekesa, Mural Artist

The NLP sessions we had were very helpful in exploring how I wanted to be during the TV interview, and giving me a technique to access that state. Everything went very well as a result of this preparation. I also think it will be very helpful for all public speaking and I have no hesitation in recommending other to use you to prepare for public speaking of any kind. Your work is at a very deep level and is very efficient in helping us to achieve our goals.

Amravati Mitchell, Feng-Shui Consultant

Executive Coaching

With the help of the coaching I have been put on to the "high potential" pool

Manager for gas turbine manufacturer

The standards I expect in working relationships are always high and, given my busy schedule, I want each minute in the coaching scenario to count. Krystyna's professionalism and commitment to supporting my desire to move my life, both personally and professionally, on to the next level of success quickly, not only met but exceeded my expectations.

Michael Winslow, SP Consultancy

Just a quick line to point to the success of our session. When I got back to the office, I rang my boss to arrange to get together to talk about the issue. While actually in the process of chatting things through, I grabbed the opportunity to take things a bit further and ended up getting the resolution that I wanted. Because of our rehearsal, the mindset was right, and I was delighted to get things sorted out.

Senior Manager, Telecoms

I came to Krystyna, as traditional training & development were not helping me to address longstanding aspects of my work performance that I wanted to get a shift on. She helped me discover ways of tapping into whole new sides of me, access a calm centred state, and improve my interpersonal relationships with managers, peers, staff and external stakeholders.

Senior Manager, Civil Service

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